about revca

REVCA is an entrepreneurship and venture capital student club at the Rotman School of Management. We offer resources and run skills development workshops, competitions, networking sessions, and industry treks into Toronto's vibrant startup ecosystem. 

Whether you want to start your own business, find the next unicorn to invest in, or join a hot tech startup, REVCA will help you find fulfillment, discover your passion, and pursue your dreams.

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Our exec Team


Amarpreet Kaur

The Creative Co-Lead

Amar is a photographer moonlighting as an MBA student. She is passionate about startups and her Tesla Model 3. This profile is not sponsored by Old Navy.

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Mert Yucesoy

VC Virtuoso

Mert's world is all about angels, unicorns, and fields of green. His latest Turkish coffee reading foreshadows his future as the NBA's first player-exec.

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Rodrigo Paolucci

Development Director

Rod has raised over $5 million in venture capital for his own startups and is now spreading the (skills) love. He is not at all bitter about Brazil's 7-1 loss to Germany.

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Elliot MacGowan

Operations Officer

Elliot est aussi de Montréal, parle couramment le français et contrôle l’argent. Les montréalais envahissent. Envoyer de l'aide.

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Benjamin Eisenberg

The Philosophical Co-Lead

Benji is REVCA's resident wine connoisseur, offering tastings at (almost) every meeting. He also has a mean wrist snap in lacrosse.

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Jesse Castiel

Startup Sensation

Jesse has been there, done that with the corporate world and is now all about startups, startups, startups. He's the man hit up for the hottest spots in Montreal.

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Stacey Langill

Community Captain

Stacey is known as the smartest person in the Rotman's Class of 2019, much to Rod's admiration. She is the architect behind the REVCA community.

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Daniel Weng

Digital Dean

Daniel is one of the crazy part-timers. He combines part-time over-competitiveness with his penchant for design to obsess over that little pixel over there.

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Our club reps

Chris Jang

Section 1 Club Rep

Chris is passionate about the idea of developing fiction into reality by working side by side with various founders of startups.

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Sumer Kaya

Section 3 Club Rep

Sumer is an AI-enabled robot sent from Mars. His mission was to save the Earth from non-techies, but instead ended up in Rotman. He is an avid (space) traveler.

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Chiao-Ni (Jenny) Lo

Section 5 Club Rep

Jenny is passionate about technology, ventures and food. Having gone through from 0 to 1 in a coffee hardware startup, she is now pivoting herself in the VC world.

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Brent Timmerman

Section 2 Club Rep

Brent is a father, husband, business owner, entrepreneur and running enthusiast!

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Majed Chowdhury

Section 4 Club Rep

Majed is a pharmacist by profession, investor by hobby, and is always on the lookout for disruptive technologies. He is a huge fan of almost all team-based sports and video games.

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Serguei Kouznetsov

Morning & Evening Club Rep

Serguei works in infrastructure consulting by day and part of the Evening MBA program by night.

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