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REVCA is an entrepreneurship and venture capital student club at the Rotman School of Management. We offer resources and run skills development workshops, competitions, networking sessions, and industry treks into Toronto's vibrant startup ecosystem. 

Whether you want to start your own business, find the next unicorn to invest in, or join a hot tech startup, REVCA will help you find fulfillment, discover your passion, and pursue your dreams.

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Our exec Team

Team Pic 2019-2020

Chris Jang


Chris is REVCA’s venture capital ninja. He is constantly on the lookout for early stage startups that could be gems. Feel free to touch base with Chris to learn more about his experience in the VC space.

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Tamara Teofanovic

Tamara Teofanovic

Community Manager

Tamara is the soul behind the REVCA community. She is an “A” player, a real self-starter with an outgoing personality.

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Sanjay Sodhi

Sanjay Sodhi

Startup Guru

Sanjay is our mindfulness coach, always with energy, always laughing. He is all about startups. He's the man that will connect you with the right people.

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Ana Lobo

ana lobo

Mid-Stage & VC Virtuoso

Ana is REVCA's creative mind. She is a fearless woman and tech lover ready to create innovative solutions with high social impact.

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Sumer Kaya

Sumer Kaya


Sumer is REVCA's data master. He is a highly motivated multitasker leader with a proven track record as a Creative Product Manager.

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Brent Timmerman

Brent Timmerman

Member Experience Master

Brent is the nicest always smiling person you'll ever meet. He is a really smart multitasking guy able to work, study, own a company, and be a father without dying in the process

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Juliana Montoya

Juliana Montoya

Digital Genie

Juliana is known as the smarty sports addict with a unique taste for wine. She is the architect behind REVCA's marketing platforms. She is your go-to person to learn what it takes to be part of an AI startup.

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Majed Chowbury

Majed Chowdhury

The Swagger

Majed is the superstar promoter of REVCA's brand. He is a former pharmacist so don't worry! He has proven his ability to support any medical emergencies (knock on wood).

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Serguei Kouznetsov

Finance Maestro

Serguei is the finance rockstar making sure we don't go bankrupt! He is an expert in infrastructure economics and passionate about using data-driven insights to guide high impact decisions.

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